Photography by Natalia Luzenko

Hi, I'm Melanie Kretzer (former Kurhan),

a Berlin/Nuremberg based freelance illustrator and graphic designer who studied Communication Design in Nuremberg, Germany, at the University of Applied Sciences.

I have done versatile digital and analogue styles in different areas, ranging from illustration to package and cover design for music as well as logo and corporate design for companies. I am generally interested in anything inspired and colorful and am happy to contribute to projects.

Take a look at my Work and feel free to contact me.

To get in touch send me an email to or use the following form.

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9T Antiope Band


AYM Heidelberg

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


Boxelware GmbH

Brasserie Prisma

Deutsche Anwaltshotline AG

Dieter Hoff

DMK Group

Elemental Bar GmbH

Florian Helleken Drummer

Grand Sports Band

Haused Wolf Nürnberg

Handlungsspielraum Ergotherapie

Hannes Kretzer - Composer // Producer

Heidi Reindl

Hillbillies Mittelfranken

Himmelsrandt Band

ITOS Mass Screening

J. Ch. Herrmann OHG

Kryshe Band

Melzer Media

Memum Band

Musikschule Helleken-Bielesch

Natalia Luzenko Fotografie


Pasta Gallerie

Prana Masala

Pretty Shitty DJ Set


Pasta Gallerie

Prana Masala

Pretty Shitty DJ Set


RiLu Char AG

SONY Music GmbH

Sonja Leppin Grafikdesign


Strahlfix - Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Terra Magica Deutschland

Terra Magica Organic Store Schweiz

The Audience Band

The General Good Band

Thomas Beyerlein Fotografie

Team Bank

Unperceived Records

Voigtmann GmbH


Winning Awards

Illustration Poster Contest
Literaturverbund 2011

Marilyn Carino Poster Contest 2012 

Illustration Poster Contest
Literaturverbund 2012

Illustration Poster Contest
Literaturverbund 2013

Illustration Poster Contest
Literaturverbund 2014

Illustration Poster Contest
Literaturverbund 2016